Massive Chinese Mall

Today was the beginning of the Chinese Society for Agronomy's ninth annual Cotton Conference. After having a very light breakfast we made our way to the conference hall and before you entered there was a bunch of companies with their newest equipment on display. As we were ushered in everyone from China Agricultural University sat... Continue Reading →

Yingbin Hotel

Today I began my trip to Zhengzhou, China and to the conference for the Chinese Society of Agronomy​. I began the day by finishing getting packed and then heading to the lab where I met up with the other students who were going on the trip. We then made our way via a taxi to... Continue Reading →

All Aboard for Zhengzhou

Today is my final day in the lab before my four day trip to Zhengzhou, China for the Chinese Society for Agronomy Conference. I am so excited to see the countryside of rural China, ride a bullet train, network with other individuals at the conference, and have a chance to step back from my project... Continue Reading →

The Final Strech

Today was all about making sure I got what I needed to get done before I left for the conference in Zhengzhou, China on Monday. I finished the last thirty-six reverse transcriptions today and completed the twelve samples I did yesterday for RT-PCR. After this, I cleaned up the greenhouse, labeled my pots, and talked... Continue Reading →

Mr. Clean 2.0

Today was all about making sure I was on track to finish. I began the day by setting a few goals for my time left seeing that I only have eleven days in the lab left. I also have the conference in Zhengzhou fast approaching and with this, ​it means I will have to not... Continue Reading →

Full Steam Ahead

Today I sat down with Dr. Yuyi Zhou and we discussed the project and where it was going and with the end quickly approaching my time in the lab will be more crucial than ever. I will need to not waste any time. Moving forward, I took new picture of the maize's root growth that... Continue Reading →


Today marks day thirty-nine in China and if you know me well you know my favorite show in the world is Survivor. For those of you that don't know Survivor is CBS's hit reality show that put sixteen to twenty people on an island to compete in a series of challenges and voting people out... Continue Reading →

Microscale Thermophoresis

Today marks my fiftieth day abroad this summer and brings me to day thirty-eight in China. In the morning, I saw Dr. Yuyi Zhou in action when she worked on her project with another student and her expertise really shined through. She showed the student how to conduct the experiment and coached her in a... Continue Reading →

Week VI Lab Work

Today is the start of my sixth week at CAU and I began the day by working on my final report and I have gotten very far with it which will allow me to have Dr. Zhao-Hu Li and Dr. Yuyi Zhou review it before I leave. Today I also purchased my train ticket to... Continue Reading →

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