Traditional Chinese Meal

​Today I began my day working on my final report and I am down to only half go the data and analysis to do and the entire conclusion and then the first draft will be complete. After the midday rest and lunch, I headed back to the lab where I worked on physiological data collection... Continue Reading →


Final Ten Days in China

​I am official at day forty-nine and seven weeks are complete. I cannot believe how time has flown by and with ten days left in China I am really going to miss my home away from home. I came into this internship nervous of the unknown and each day I have grown as a person,... Continue Reading →

Hit the Ground Running

Today marks my forty-eight day in China and sixth day abroad this summer. With the final eleven days beginning I have to hit the ground running again to ensure I finish everything in time. I began the day with more work on my final report and from now one they said my mornings would be... Continue Reading →

Back to Beijing

This morning was the end of The Chinese Society for Agronomy's Ninth Annual Cotton Conference in Zhengzhou, China. After packing all of my things last night I headed back to the bus and then we boarded our bullet train back to Beijing. After we arrived I unpacked my things, got my other bag I kept... Continue Reading →

The Yellow River

Today was the final day of the cotton conference​ and today instead of experts speaking it was the students. One of the girls from CAU present and while I don't speak or read Mandarin her poise and professional deminer​ matched her unwavering confidence and did very well. After lunch, I traveled with four other students... Continue Reading →

Massive Chinese Mall

Today was the beginning of the Chinese Society for Agronomy's ninth annual Cotton Conference. After having a very light breakfast we made our way to the conference hall and before you entered there was a bunch of companies with their newest equipment on display. As we were ushered in everyone from China Agricultural University sat... Continue Reading →

Yingbin Hotel

Today I began my trip to Zhengzhou, China and to the conference for the Chinese Society of Agronomy​. I began the day by finishing getting packed and then heading to the lab where I met up with the other students who were going on the trip. We then made our way via a taxi to... Continue Reading →

All Aboard for Zhengzhou

Today is my final day in the lab before my four day trip to Zhengzhou, China for the Chinese Society for Agronomy Conference. I am so excited to see the countryside of rural China, ride a bullet train, network with other individuals at the conference, and have a chance to step back from my project... Continue Reading →

The Final Strech

Today was all about making sure I got what I needed to get done before I left for the conference in Zhengzhou, China on Monday. I finished the last thirty-six reverse transcriptions today and completed the twelve samples I did yesterday for RT-PCR. After this, I cleaned up the greenhouse, labeled my pots, and talked... Continue Reading →

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