Sayonara Japan

Today is the final day in Japan. We began the day bright and early with a trip to SAINO where we got the farewell ceremony and after a few words from the school's principal we were off to the airport. The streets were lined with students of all ages waving goodbye to us as we... Continue Reading →


Ocean Explorations

We began the final day here at SAINO, on a field trip to an organic tomato farm on the island of Ondo Kurahashi in Kure City, Japan. We began the tour by meeting the owner and the team of researchers as they discussed their research on the improvement of tomato growth. We then entered one... Continue Reading →

Horseback Riding in Japan

As we began our last few days at SAINO, we started the day off following our host students to their first two classes. I took a combined class for Advanced Algebra and English and then another Physical Education course where I played softball. After this, we made our way to the food science lab where... Continue Reading →

Calligraphy 春

As we begin our final week at SAINO we began the day with a calligraphy class. This gave us the chance to learn how to write in traditional kanji symbols for various words and phrases. I took a calligraphy course when I was eight and it helped a little but I was still very rusty.... Continue Reading →

Ōkunoshima (Rabbit Island)

Today began with a trip to Daiso to pick up some snacks and more souvenirs for the long day ahead of us. Keisuke (my host student) and I made our way to Ōkunoshima or Rabbit Island. The island was a chemical testing site in the 1920's and a power plant in World War II and... Continue Reading →

Downtown Hiroshima

Today I did not have school so the whole day would be spent exploring Japan. I began the day by visiting Hikari's home. She stayed with me last year when I hosted a student but since she graduated from SAINO, I could not stay with her. Her family was very kind and so sweet. Despite... Continue Reading →

Miyajima Island

Today was a mix of emotions. We went from Miyajima Island to The Hiroshima Peace Memorial. The day began with a bus ride to the ferry and a ferry ride to Miyajima Island. Once the boat landed on the island we were greeted by deer. On Miyajima, the island has more deer than people and... Continue Reading →

Irishing Dancing in Japan

From mixed martial arts to gymnastics and Irishing Dancing, Mae O. and I taught the other Japanese students how to Irish Dance and we also played many games that are popular in America like the human knot, human pyramid, and much more. After they showed us some traditional Japanese games that they played as a... Continue Reading →

Aikido (Japanese Martial Arts)

We began our second day at SAINO with a trip to downtown Higashihiroshima to meet the mayor and school board superintendent and after discussing our stay in Japan we returned to SAINO and attended an animal science class. Here we planned out the possibility of a joint research project with CHSAS and SAINO. We brought... Continue Reading →

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