Final Ten Days in China

​I am official at day forty-nine and seven weeks are complete. I cannot believe how time has flown by and with ten days left in China I am really going to miss my home away from home. I came into this internship nervous of the unknown and each day I have grown as a person, scientist, and leader and with each day came to a new adventure whether it was learning Tai Chi from the locals on the way home from working. Eating chickens feet and pig intestines and not knowing it until I was done, or even running a successful test and feeling the joy it brought me. My time in China has been one I will never forget and to think about life back at home I might have culture shock getting back in the groove of things at home. Overall, I will miss CAU, my professors, and friends I have met here, but I cannot wait to see my friends and family and tell them all about my journey in China and my research project I conducted. On the other hand, today I worked on my final report and I am almost finished with the first draft I only have the data to enter and analyze and the conclusion to add and after this I will give it Dr. Yuyi Zhou and a few graduate students to look over before I leave. I then worked on running ninety-six more samples through qRT-PCR and tomorrow I will run them in a gel for more PCR results. I have a plan for the rest of my time here and I keep to this schedule, keep working hard, and enjoy my last ten days I will leave China with no regrets.


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