The Yellow River

Today was the final day of the cotton conference​ and today instead of experts speaking it was the students. One of the girls from CAU present and while I don’t speak or read Mandarin her poise and professional deminer​ matched her unwavering confidence and did very well. After lunch, I traveled with four other students to the Yellow River but the Yellow River National Park was closed so instead we had to head a little down the way and we saw the river still but we wished we had the chance​ to go to the national park. After this I had dinner and we walked around the beautiful hotel grounds one more time and after my final hot shower here I packed up and I am all ready to leave tomorrow morning at seven to head back to Beijing. I have the day off tomorrow to unpack and rest from the long conference and I plan on using this time to go shopping for more snacks for the last twelve days and then unpacking to only have to repack later. I can’t believe the end is near and I am not ready to leave but at the same time, I miss my family and friends so it is safe to say I am a hot mess at the moment.


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