Massive Chinese Mall

Today was the beginning of the Chinese Society for Agronomy’s ninth annual Cotton Conference. After having a very light breakfast we made our way to the conference hall and before you entered there was a bunch of companies with their newest equipment on display. As we were ushered in everyone from China Agricultural University sat together and for the next ten hours, we listened to speaker after speaker talk about their research with Power Points. While all of them were in Mandarin the students around me explained them to the best of their abilities. It was safe to say I was lost but for some, the students were able to find English abstracts​ on their phones or in the handbook for me to read. I may not have known what was going on but I tried my hardest to make sense of any of it. After this, we went to a mall and park in Zhengzhou called the Luna Lake Park and it was very quaint​ and modern and the sunset was beautiful. You can see the picture of it on my travel gallery Instagram page @theglobaltribune. The mall was called Wanda Plaza​ and it was five stories of store after store and while I didn’t buy anything it was cool to window shop. Overall it was a great learning experience for today and I got to see some of Zhengzhou. Tomorrow is the last day of the conference​ and we will then be heading back to China Agricultural​ University and I will have only about ten days in the lab. The end is so close and I will be so sad to have to leave my home away from home.


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