All Aboard for Zhengzhou

Today is my final day in the lab before my four day trip to Zhengzhou, China for the Chinese Society for Agronomy Conference. I am so excited to see the countryside of rural China, ride a bullet train, network with other individuals at the conference, and have a chance to step back from my project for a while to refocus and prepare myself for the final ten days I will have left in the lab upon my return Thursday evening. This morning, I began my day by packing for Zhengzhou, and then I made my way to the lab where I treated my plants in the greenhouse with Coronatine so when I return I can begin collecting samples and data from this set of plants again. After lunch and my brief midday rest, I went back to the lab to complete another set of thirty-six samples for RT-PCR. I already reverse transcribed them the day prior so it made the process go a lot smoother. With everything​ I needed to get done before I left complete I headed back to the apartment early and got some rest before having to leave for Zhengzhou first thing in the morning tomorrow. I cannot wait for this trip and I really am looking forward to the last few days here in China.


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