Mr. Clean 2.0

Today was all about making sure I was on track to finish. I began the day by setting a few goals for my time left seeing that I only have eleven days in the lab left. I also have the conference in Zhengzhou fast approaching and with this, ​it means I will have to not waste any time. My time in the morning was spent talking with Dr. Yuyi Zhou about the plans for the next eleven days and making a detailed outline of my goals. I then was tasked with completing all the reverse transcription for forty-eight samples by Monday. I finished twelve on my own in the afternoon and then worked on smaller jobs I had to open my next few days to continue work on the reverse transcription process. Once I returned home I cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom. Now it no longer is dirty or smells and I can sleep easy knowing the apartment is impeccably clean! With the end fast approaching I am not ready to leave and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me in China.


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