Home Sweet Home

​Dr. Norman Borlaug said that "food is the moral right to all..." and his legacy served as a guide and motivation for my research this summer! After the past sixty days in China working in the lab, visiting various cultural sites in Beijing, and making friends along the way. I found my true passion in... Continue Reading →


Zàijiàn China

All good things must come to an end. My time in China is over and with my final day in the lab I worked on my report, returned things I borrowed, and said goodbye to all my friends I have made along the way. I never realized how fast this would go by because it... Continue Reading →

Farewell Party

Day fifty-seven in China and day sixty-nine abroad in Asia this summer! I cannot believe that my time in China is coming to an end. I spent my morning in the lab working on samples and data analysis​ and tomorrow will be my final day working in the lab and in China and I plan... Continue Reading →

Weekends at the Lab

For the past three weekends, I have spent them working in the lab rather than traveling around Beijing. I have used this extra time to work on my project and it has allowed me to be further along than I would be if I would have had the weekends off. Plus, the lab is much... Continue Reading →

Packing Up

​With the end quickly approaching, my project and time in China is coming to a close. I began my day by finishing the last steps of the RNA Purification process and then heading to the greenhouse where I cleaned up my work area and collected my final group of samples. I then made my way... Continue Reading →

RNA Purification

It is day fifty-five in China and day sixty-seven abroad in Asia this summer. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by and as my final days in China come to an end it feels like a race against time to get everything done in time. Today in the morning, I began by working... Continue Reading →

Project Layout

After my tests from the RNA PCR test came back, I found that I will have to run a RNA purification so I can run reverse transcription, RT-PCR and qRT-PCR one more time before I go. I started my day with work on my final report, board, and Power Point. I then collected more samples... Continue Reading →

Walmart in China

Save money, live better… Walmart. Long story short my mom loves Walmart so why wouldn’t I head to an international location and send her pictures. It was attached to a mega mall filled with stores like the one I went to in Zhengzhou. Other than my adventures at Walmart, today’s work in the lab was... Continue Reading →

Samples Galore

Today I began sample collection on the physiological data for the drought test. After treating the select plants with PEG-6000, I made my way back to the lab and worked my final report and sat down with the professor Dr. Yuyi Zhou to talk about my final week here at CAU. We planned out a... Continue Reading →

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