Week VI Lab Work

Today is the start of my sixth week at CAU and I began the day by working on my final report and I have gotten very far with it which will allow me to have Dr. Zhao-Hu Li and Dr. Yuyi Zhou review it before I leave. Today I also purchased my train ticket to... Continue Reading →


Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven - Day thirty-six. Today I began my day of adventure by heading to the eastern campus of China Agricultural University. At CAU, they have an east and west campus and my entire time here has been spent​ on the western campus and now today I had the chance to visit the... Continue Reading →

Around the World – Beijing World Park

Around the world in eighty minutes? Today I traveled with my lab friends Yang from the plant protection division to the Beijing World Park. This was a park with miniature models of some famous sights around the world. I saw things from the Sydney Opera House to the Pyramids of Giza and The Eiffel Tower... Continue Reading →

Data Analysis

Day thirty-four. I wake up to yet another gorgeous day in Beijing, China and after getting ready for the day I headed down to the lab and extracted the final set of RNA samples bringing my total to one hundred and twenty. After the last few days of afternoon extractions that meant I had to... Continue Reading →

Gene Pathways (Ph.D.)

As I begin day thirty-three in China, I started my day off by having a chat with Dr. Yuyi Zhou about the RNA I collected the night prior to show her the concentrations I received from it. After this, I created a detailed materials list for the rough draft of the final report and shared... Continue Reading →

56 Down & 224 To Go

Today was all about primer selection and that started with me collecting the primers for the various genes I collected the week prior. After spending my whole morning locating the primers in the research papers, I then collected twenty-four more samples of RNA in the afternoon and this was after I drafted a materials list... Continue Reading →

Efficiency​ is Key

Today was all about using each and every second effectively because if I am to get done with all of the primer selections, photo editing, and RNA extraction before Saturday morning, I will need to not waste any time. I began the day by taking the concentrations of the twelve samples of RNA I collected... Continue Reading →

Weekly Plan

Today was the final day to collect samples for the one hundred and ninety-six-hour collection point. After this, I took professional photos of all the roots and shoots with respect to their treatment and variety of maize. After this, I also took pictures of the drought stress test trial for the sprays that I have... Continue Reading →

OFO Bikes

OFO Bikes Today my plans for the Temple of Heaven were canceled when Jessica felt under the weather so I thought it was a great time to go exploring around campus. I rode my bike around the quad and saw all of the buildings, walking into other labs, and met so many new people. I... Continue Reading →

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