A Maize Maze

The work week is coming to an end and it is my last day in the lab before the weekend. I still have so much to do so I begin to hit the ground running. Today I started by working my way through the last four theses and dissertations I had left. I took notes and by the end of the day, I finished reading through all seven of them. You could say it was a maze of maize. (I sorry I had to make that word play/joke at least once this summer.) I then prepared the germination paper for the seeds, and after this, I spent a long time organizing and preparing the other eighty-eight seeds for a photo for the post-germination in the clear cases and in the black box for the professional pictures. After the pictures were taken the seeds went back under the black bag under the light until I transfer them to the soil. My day was very productive as I caught up on typing out all of my work, catching up on my records, as well as completing​ my various other tasks in the lab so I can enjoy this weekend of site seeing and start the second week off on the right foot. This weekend, I am very excited to see Beijing and experience Chinese culture outside of CAU. I have loved every minute of this experience so far and with week one almost done, I couldn’t ask for a better start.


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