College Life in China

​It is bright and early on my second day at the lab and I was up at 6:00 am to join in on the group photo for the whole team in the College of Life Sciences at China Agricultural University (CAU). After the photo, I made my way to breakfast and then back to the lab to continue my experiment. Today I started by changing the soaked seeds into the germinating box. After I divided the seeds between the control and the coronatine solution, I labeled the containers. I placed the seeds into the box to germinate and I placed a black bag over the seeds. After forty-eight hours or two days, I can go back and check which seeds have germinated. I then spent the remainder of the day working on reading through and annotating the papers Dr. Yuyi Zhou gave me to review for the next few days. This will give me a better understanding of coronatine at both high and low concentrations. She said that I should focus a lot on the low concentrations of coronatine since I will be working with that more than the high concentrations. While I was working my way through the papers Xitong Liang and Zho Lin asked me to help them in their experiments. With Zho Lin, I worked on the extraction of plasma from the E Coli bacteria, and with Xitong Liang, I worked on dissolving a primer that she created and sold the gene sequence to a company to use. In the experiment, we dissolved the primer with distilled water to get it to the correct concentration and volume she will need later and we let it chill overnight in a negative twenty degrees Celcius cooler. The hospitality​ and kindness of all the graduate students at CAU is very comforting and I enjoy getting to work on the experiments​ with them. I look forward to more amazing times in the lab, on the campus, and in Beijing with them. They have created an environment that is warm and inviting and I couldn’t ask for a better way to start this week off.


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