Beginning of Laboratory Research

​It is the first day at the laboratory today and I am very excited to meet the other students and the professors so I can begin working on my research project. After I woke up and checked in with my family, I made my way with Huang, my suite-mate to the dining hall for breakfast. While I was eating my breakfast our new suite-mate Guo had arrived at CAU so Huang had to run back to the apartment to let him in and give him a key. After breakfast, I made my way over to the laboratory and met with Dr. Yuyi Zhou and she showed me around the two rooms where I would spend most of my time doing my research. I got settled into my table and began to set up my records to keep myself updated on what I have been doing in the past few days and what I will be doing in the future. A while later Dr. Yuyi Zhou came back and described to me the research projects I could work on and told me I could use these next few days to get acquainted with the research topics and then choose which one I will want to work on. The options were to work with maize, cotton, or growth inhibitors. After she explained the three projects I did some research and she came back with a rough outline of the experiment and explained to me what I would be doing when I select a topic and begin research. Then, after more research and record keeping I made my way to lunch with Haiyie Yu, a graduate student in plant sciences. After this, they said that I had a break until 2:30 pm and then on my break, I did more record keeping and had a little snack. After my break, I made my way back to the research laboratory and Dr. Yuyi Zhou helped me start on my research project for the summer with maize. I worked on this for the remainder of the day and then I made my way to dinner with my new suite-mate, Guo, and after dinner, I went back to the lab to take pictures and catch up on my records to organize myself and stay on top of the work I will be doing this summer. The first day in the lab was very successful and I look forward to many more days researching in the lab!


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