Exploring China Agricultural University (CAU)

Today was my first full day in China and after I woke up in the morning I made my way to breakfast via bicycle with my friends Leo Yi Liu Yingru and Huang. After breakfast, Leo Yi Liu Yingru and I made our way via taxi to the Eastern Campus for China Agricultural University. Once we arrived, I got checked in with the main office and showed them my visa and the other information I had on me. After everything check out, we then made our way to the police station to complete the process and get all my information squared away. Everything went very smoothly and after, we went out to lunch to get Chinese style pizza and brought it back to the apartment. I had the rest of the day to myself and I caught up on some summer reading at this time. I then was greeted by my friends again as we got ready for dinner. We had Jiaozi which is like dumplings. While Huang and I were having dinner the power in our apartment went out so we both decided to go for a walk around the CAU campus. I saw where my lab and dining hall were located along with many other places on the CAU campus. While on our walk Zhu Nana called us and we made our way back to the apartment and she helped us get the power back in the apartment​. After this, we went to finish our exploration of CAU and then made our way back to apartment to enjoy some watermelon before bed. Today was a nice relaxing day and it really allowed me to get aquatinted with CAU and make some new friends along the way.


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