Welcome to China

Today marks the beginning of my internship with the World Food Prize Foundation as a Borlaug-Ruan International Intern at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, China. As I began my final day in the states for the next eight weeks, I thought back on what had happened in order to get me to this point and if someone would have told me in elementary school that I would be in Beijing, China and Hiroshima, Japan this summer, I would not have believed​​ you. After packing for my flight and heading to the airport at 2:00 pm I gave my final goodbyes to my family and my mom and I set out for O’Hare International Airport. I didn’t think it would be an emotional farewell but the minute the attendant at the gate called my group I burst into tears. I am going to be leaving my family for two months and I will miss them so much! Once on the plane, I began to come to my senses and I knew I could do this. My fear turned into excitement as the thirteen hours flight came to a conclusion and we finally landed in Beijing, China. I was over the moon and began to work my way through the airport. After going through the first round of customs, riding the tram in the airport yo the baggage claim, getting my luggage, going through customs with my luggage, getting my bags scanned, and so many moving sidewalks, I finally saw the sign with my name on it. Two very eager graduate students and a teacher were standing by waiting to lend a helping hand. It was very nice to be welcomed with open arms in a place where I know no one. After I introduced myself I found out their names were Zhu Nana, Mr. Zhao, and Leo Yi Liu Yingru. I then made my way to the car and we drove to the apartment. After I met Huang, who is my suite-mate, they showed me to my room and I got settled. After such a long day it was nice to come back, unpack and get a good night sleep before my first full day in China.


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