Sayonara Japan

Today is the final day in Japan. We began the day bright and early with a trip to SAINO where we got the farewell ceremony and after a few words from the school’s principal we were off to the airport. The streets were lined with students of all ages waving goodbye to us as we made our way to the airport. On the emotional ride there, we all talked about our favorite moments and reflected on the educational and cultural experience we were just granted. These past few days in Japan have flown by and I will never forget the time I spent in Japan with the eleven other friends from CHSAS. I would like to thank SAINO for being​ such amazing hosts and to CHSAS for making this experience possible. Overall, I have to say that this experience​ is above and beyond what I thought it would be. I urge everyone at CHSAS who has the chance to host a foreign exchange student to do so. This experience was life changing​ and now I have friends and a host family or two, half way around the world. I will miss Japan and SAINO with all my heart and until next time Sayonara (Goodbye​) Japan and Nihau (Hello) China.


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