Ocean Explorations

We began the final day here at SAINO, on a field trip to an organic tomato farm on the island of Ondo Kurahashi in Kure City, Japan. We began the tour by meeting the owner and the team of researchers as they discussed their research on the improvement of tomato growth. We then entered one of their greenhouses and had the chance to see the process they use to grow the tomatoes. They then gave us the chance to taste​ test their organic tomatoes. They were very delicious and after this, we made our way back to the school and stopped at Cafe Slow. We were able to cook our own food on a grill on the patio of the restaurant​. It was a really cool​ experience to cook your own food and it was also the best meal I have had this whole time. After we ate, all of the students made their way down to the beach where we walked into the ocean and on the rocks to go on an exploration into what was there. We took tons of photos, gathered shells, and played in the water. We then had to leave for the bus and we made our way back to the school. After playing volleyball for the final time, I made my way back home to have okonomiyaki​ and play with​ fireworks. Overall, it was a very successful last day and I am not ready to head back to Chicago.


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