Horseback Riding in Japan

As we began our last few days at SAINO, we started the day off following our host students to their first two classes. I took a combined class for Advanced Algebra and English and then another Physical Education course where I played softball. After this, we made our way to the food science lab where we made sausages from the SAINO pigs. This was an experience I will not forget and one I probably will not have the chance to have again. Overall, I enjoyed this class more than I thought I would upon entering it and I think that was the moral of this whole trip, as we began to try new things we never would have tried back in the United States. After we made the sausages, we got to sample some and then we took more home to our host family. After lunch, we went to the animal science department of SAINO and each got to ride a horse. I was a little scared at the start because the last time a rode a horse I had a bad allegric reaction and it ran away from me and bucked me off. After we all rode the horses, we went on a tour of the animal science barn(s). This gave us a chance to see in the animal side of Japanese agriculture. Overall, as the trip begins to end, I savor even the smallest of moments like when Olivia and Josh (fellow CHSAS students) and their host students came over to our house to play American cards games. This time in Japan is so special and I am not ready to leave just yet!


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