A Maize Maze

The work week is coming to an end and it is my last day in the lab before the weekend. I still have so much to do so I begin to hit the ground running. Today I started by working my way through the last four theses and dissertations I had left. I took notes... Continue Reading →


DNA Extraction Experiment

Due to the fact that my seeds needed another twenty-four hours to germinate in the black box, I worked on reading through the various dissertations and theses that I was given by Dr. Yuyi Zhou on the topic of high and low concentration coronatine. I read through three of them including two college Ph.D. papers... Continue Reading →

College Life in China

​It is bright and early on my second day at the lab and I was up at 6:00 am to join in on the group photo for the whole team in the College of Life Sciences at China Agricultural University (CAU). After the photo, I made my way to breakfast and then back to the... Continue Reading →

Beginning of Laboratory Research

​It is the first day at the laboratory today and I am very excited to meet the other students and the professors so I can begin working on my research project. After I woke up and checked in with my family, I made my way with Huang, my suite-mate to the dining hall for breakfast.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to China

Today marks the beginning of my internship with the World Food Prize Foundation as a Borlaug-Ruan International Intern at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, China. As I began my final day in the states for the next eight weeks, I thought back on what had happened in order to get me to this point... Continue Reading →

Sayonara Japan

Today is the final day in Japan. We began the day bright and early with a trip to SAINO where we got the farewell ceremony and after a few words from the school's principal we were off to the airport. The streets were lined with students of all ages waving goodbye to us as we... Continue Reading →

Ocean Explorations

We began the final day here at SAINO, on a field trip to an organic tomato farm on the island of Ondo Kurahashi in Kure City, Japan. We began the tour by meeting the owner and the team of researchers as they discussed their research on the improvement of tomato growth. We then entered one... Continue Reading →

Horseback Riding in Japan

As we began our last few days at SAINO, we started the day off following our host students to their first two classes. I took a combined class for Advanced Algebra and English and then another Physical Education course where I played softball. After this, we made our way to the food science lab where... Continue Reading →

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